Introducing the new Weekly Calendar report!

Helping you to keep track of your team’s travel and to monitor their progress throughout the week.

We are delighted to announce our newest feature – Weekly Calendar. With Weekly Calendar, you can now easily oversee your team’s activities and travel for the entire week.

With this new feature, you will be able to track your team’s progress throughout the day and see activities as they are completed. You can view planned and completed travel information right within the calendar, helping you to assess travel costs and clearly see your team’s productivity.

  • Spot days with a large amount of travel and rearrange them to be more productive.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your team’s travel plans and see visits as they are completed throughout the week.
  • Have a complete overview of your team’s activities across projects.

In addition to this, your field team can also access the Weekly Calendar to keep track of their own progress and plan the work week more efficiently by viewing their own upcoming visits and travel plans.

We’ve also made a change to our existing feature formerly known as “Call Diary”. We’re excited to introduce “Team Diary” which allows you to see an overview of activities for the whole team.

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