Log in using facial and fingerprint recognition

New biometric login and yes-no question update – now available on both Apple and Android devices.

TeamHaven Mobile for Android version 3.1.6 will be live from Tuesday, 21st June. This version includes biometric login functionality as well as a change to the design of yes-no questions. These features will be available to iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Biometric login:

Field teams can now use fingerprint and facial recognition to log into the TeamHaven Mobile app for Android.

After field staff have logged into TeamHaven Mobile using their TeamHaven login credentials, they can then choose to continue logging in using a biometric login.

To further help field teams log into TeamHaven Mobile, allow field staff to reset their password.

Yes-no question design change:

We are continually listening to and implementing feedback from our clients and their field teams. This is why yes-no questions have been updated to show a tick for “yes” answers and a cross for “no”, making it simpler to understand for first-time users.

To find out how TeamHaven can empower your field force or for more information on these features contact us:

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