Choose how field visits are completed

Enforce accurate visit times and other benefits by only allowing activities to be completed using the TeamHaven Mobile app.

Manage your team using all the benefits that TeamHaven Mobile has to offer by ensuring that visits are only completed using the app.
These include:
  • Accurately record visit start, end and duration times.
  • Prevent data loss or inaccuracies by ensuring users take photos and enter data at the point of activity.
  • See how far away the field staff was from the target address when the visit was started.
  • Show how long it takes to complete each form in the questionnaire.
In addition to restricting field teams from entering calls using the website, it is also possible to prevent users from creating calls online.
To find out how TeamHaven can empower your field force or for more information on these features contact us:
Call +44 (0) 1249 56105

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